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Who funds my Orthotic Treatment?

OLAB is a private company that specialises in providing Orthotic services to those who need them. We hold contracts to do this with major Public Health Providers and Funders such as Bay Of Plenty District Health Board and the ACC. We also provide services on behalf of other Funders also.
At the time of your booking or first appointment we will help you identify who your funder is likely to be and if there is any further information required before we can proceed with your treatment.
Of course we are also happy to provide services to you on a private basis if you do not meet the criteria for any of the funding options below; 

We have a Range of Funding Options:

Public Funded – Public Hospital – BOPDHB

Public funded orthotic treatment includes all people who:

  • have been referred to OLAB by a Doctor, Specialist or therapist working from Tauranga or Whakatane Public Hospital and
  • Have an acute medical condition or longer term disability that requires orthotic treatment or
  • An injury (up to 6 weeks since the injury date) that requires orthotic treatment. Injuries over 6 weeks since the injury date are the responsibility of the ACC to fund, not the DHB.

ACC Funded Orthotic Treatment

ACC funded orthotic treatment includes all people who:

  • have been referred to OLAB by a GP, Specialist, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist and
  • Have an acute injury or longer term disability (caused by injury) that requires orthotic treatment
  • Any referral that originates from the Public Hospital for people who have had an injury and is over 6 weeks since the injury date. Injuries up to 6 weeks since the injury date are the responsibility of the DHB to fund, not the ACC.

Health Insurers Funded Orthotic Treatment

Work Health Schemes and Private Health Insurer funded orthotic treatmentincludes all people who:

  • have been referred to OLAB by the Insurer, GP, Specialist, Physiotherapist or Health and Company Safety Representative and
  • The employer engages an approved 3rd party Heath Insurance provider (e.g. Work AON) to manage all ACC related employee injuries or
  • A person with private medical cover has been referred to OLAB for orthotic treatment by their Specialist. Please note at this time in New Zealand very few Insurance providers list “orthotics” within their schedule of claimable benefits to their clients. At this time OLAB cannot guarantee that our fees will be covered by your insurance company and respectfully request payment for our services first, prior to you contacting your insurer for reimbursement.

Private Orthotic Treatment

Private funded orthotic treatment includes all people who:

  • Do not meet the eligibility requirement for “funded” treatment and
  • Choose to engage OLAB to obtain treatment on a “fee for service” basis.

Please note: for people who self-refer as private patients/clients – OLAB and our Orthotists will do our upmost to meet your needs within our scope of practice. If for some reason we are unable to assist we will explain this to you at the time of the first consultation and suggest a more appropriate health provider if required.

If you are still unsure if your treatment will be funded or paid for by yourself privately

Please check our Q & A section on referral types for further clarification.

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