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Meet the Team

Roger Odey

Orthotist and founding Director

As Clinical Director, Roger, has many years of experience in all aspects of the orthotic field. Roger’s product knowledge is extensive and he has developed a close working relationship with local Orthopaedic Surgeons dating back over 27 years.

Apart from his partner & child, Roger’s main love outside of Ortholab is golf. He also enjoys regular camping and fishing trips and other excuses to enjoy the region’s attractions.

Roger was born in the Bay of Plenty, and is one of those quintessential characters that everyone seems to know and like. If you haven’t met Roger, “you’re not from the Mount”.

Blair Gardiner

Ortholab founding Director

OLAB Business Manager & Clinical Advisor, with expertise in paediatric orthotics, Blair has worked for many years in Australia, of which a major period was based at the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne. On returning to New Zealand in 1992, Blair was in private practice and managed the Ortholab Service at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Rotorua before founding OLAB.

Blair has also maintained a long term interest in martial arts (Aikido & Iaido), and more recently – “red wine”.

Being born and bred in Southland (yes on occasions I still roll my “R’s”), has been with Ortholab since 1996, he enjoys occasional golf and tramping, mountain biking and travel.

Adrian Berben

Ortholab Orthotist

Adrian’s areas of expertise are foot orthotics and their applications to gait and biomechanics, as well as footwear, custom manufacture and modification.

Adrian has 36 years of experience in the field of Ortholab solutions for feet and there is not much that Adrian hasn’t seen or been involved in treating over that time.

He has a reputation for his loud boisterous laugh and love of lame jokes & silly punch lines. If Adrian had a motto it would be “laughter keeps you young at heart”. Adrian’s other interests include spending time with his wife, children and extended family, playing music, projects with his local church group and coaching school age soccer.

Philip Connor

Ortholab Orthotist

Philip has been a fully qualified Orthotist with over 18 years in the field.

When Philip is not working he’s a solo dad of two daughters. Philip is the cultural backbone of Ortholab, bringing a love of classical music along with a discerning taste for fine tea blends. Outside of work Philip attends Kung Fu classes, supports his daughters in following their love of Celtic dance and he also reads books.

Bruce Ward

Contract Fabricator

Bruce is a contractor to OLAB, providing technical support. He brings 34 years experience with him and is a fully qualified Orthotist.

Bruce’s speciality is the manufacture of braces; plastic moulding AFO’s and KAFO construction.

Outside of work hours Bruce is a keen fisherman. Bruce enjoys spending time with his family, socialising, cross-word puzzles and keeping us on our toes by debating current events.

Francois Smuts

Clinical Orthotist

A South African trained Orthotist/Prosthetist, Francois worked in Ireland for a few years focusing on long-term conditions and treatment. He moved to New Zealand in 2009, first working in Rotorua before settling at OLAB in 2015.

Specialising in lower limb bracing and gait analysis, Francois has a passion for using different functional materials from elastic and rigid formats that are tailor-made for each client.  When he’s not working, he enjoys family life at the beach, fishing and mountain biking.

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